Supporting Mockel in its transition from one generation to the next

Supporting Mockel in its transition from one generation to the next

After more than 35 years managing his eponymous company, Robert Mockel decided to pass the baton to the next generation and to his daughter Annabelle, who was already driving the family business’ operations.

A new generation often means a new business vision while capitalizing on past achievements.

Robert and Annabelle Mockel wanted to take advantage of this generational development to give a new momentum to their company, as their activity was beginning to stagnate after many years of sustained growth.

They asked Just in Time Management to support them in the process of questioning their fundamentals in terms of:

  • Governance, by implementing
    • a Board of Directors with non-executive directors who provide the company with real added value in terms of validating its strategy and sustainability
    • a management team in charge of operations and ensuring the volume of business
  • Refining the vision and developing the company’s value chain, which is materialized by their slogan: ‘We deliver more than parts’.
  • Segmentation of target markets in which the company has real expertise, providing added value in markets showing a strong development potential and an interest in Mockel’s value proposition
  • Definition of a new sales model while facing many challenges (which is fairly standard in a very technical profession) which were successfully overcome
  • Structured reporting to achieve efficient business leadership alignment among all governance stakeholders
  • Setting up links with the academic world whether on a technical level or in terms of strategic thinking

Just in Time Management’s support was provided over a period of 2 years, so that all stakeholders could master their newly designed function and see the benefits of this evolution.

This smooth transformation has been beneficial for Mockel, as sales grew by 23% and net profit (EBIT) more than quadrupled during this period.

This support assignment is a perfect example of Just in Time Management’s service offering, focusing on

  • bringing the expertise of experienced CEO’s to company executives (managers and directors) and their governance bodies
  • taking advantage of New Market Realities (new technologies, new customer behaviours, regulatory framework, changes in industry standards, etc.) in order to create value

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