Business world
will never be
the same

Governance alignment / Digital maturity readiness

This tool provides a rational view of the ‘maturity’ of governance bodies in dealing with digital developments a business must face.

Having a means for arithmetic quotations makes it possible to eliminate the feelings of expectation, uncertainty, etc. for which an emotional response is not the proper vehicle for dealing with strategic issues.

The cross-examination of the governing bodies makes it possible to understand the contribution of each part in the general process and to move towards an essential alignment of thought between the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

The subjects treated relate to 4 phases in the process of digital evolution

  • Awareness
  • The decision to act
  • Resources
  • Piloting


  • relate to each of the 4 phases of the digital evolution
  • analyze the sensitivity of the different sub-groups within the board of directors (representatives of the reference shareholders/independent, executives/non-executive)
  • produce a general average expressed by a group and never target a specific person (with the exception of the individual report that is the result of the personal input of a particular person)

 The output of this analysis concerns

  • Interpretation
    • what does the body think of its own involvement regarding digital
    • what does the body think about the involvement of the other governing parties regarding digital
    • what is the degree of interrelation between the Board and the Executive Committee
  • There are 3 types of instructions
    • what is the overall score and especially the difference between the score of the people and possibly significant groups
    • how the overall score is divided according to the 4 phases how are the significant groups ranked
    • how the group score compares with the other group
  • 2 types of reports are issued
    • individual reports  only given to the individual who gives his personal rating in relation to the average of his peer group

2 overall reports for each party forming the basis of a reflection within each of the governance bodies