Business world
will never be
the same


A new world of business opportunities is out there. Is your company ready to embrace them?

In the aftermath of a global recession complex, the business world is different and will never be the same. But while many corporations are wondering how to sustain or regain their success, there has never been so many opportunities to create new products and services, build new operational models, exploit new ecosystems, develop new markets and grow business. Clearly the future of business looks bright, and there is a mountain of opportunities right in front of us. CEOs just have to blow away the fog to see them.

FutureQuest, a joint initiative from JITM Group and The ARC Group, aims at helping the CEO and its Executive Team understand, anticipate and exploit the opportunities of fast-changing business environments, disruptive technologies and systemic change.

By combining deep research, facilitated workshops, immersion in selected innovation hot spots, and guidance for setting up and executing the plan, FutureQuest engages top management teams in an end-to-end reflection journey on how to build and sustain their company’s future and value. Moreover, its holistic approach exposes top managers to the new realities of business and technology, disruption and new leadership principles.

We only address the Executive team from a single corporation, not individuals from separate companies. By doing so, we build a fluid and long-term interaction between ExCom members in order to boost individual inspirations and collective knowledge for purposeful and actionable plan.

We measure our added value by measuring how we have helped catalyze forward-thinking, searched for breakthrough solutions, shared objectives, and collective actions. And build their business future.

Through a series of well-defined steps, usually spread over a 3 to 5 month timeframe, the FutureQuest journey helps the C-suite committee (re)question the way they do business, identify new growth opportunities and translate them into new operating models, impactful business plans, and clear milestones for innovation and cultural change.

Designed to help create YOUR future

The FutureQuest program is an end-to-end journey that comprises several phases, steps and action points carefully designed to deliver clear and tangible outcomes. Each element of the program includes thought-provoking conversations aimed at stimulating new ideas, fostering new ways of thinking, focusing on what really matters, and finally bringing the team members around a shared vision : Business Findings refined into Business Ideas, to further process to regular business practices such as Business Modeling and Business Planning, to complement the FutureQuest journey.

Careful attention is given to establishing an environment made of trust, openness, respect, listening and with no holds barred on how to reinvent and reconfigure tomorrow’s organization and business from either a client, shareholder or stakeholder perspective.

Professional moderators and seasoned business experts assist the team along the journey. They are objective and open-minded, but are not there to influence the decisions and directions the company should follow. Their role consists of coaching each individual in his/her reflection, helping to ask the right questions, challenging old and new ideas, guiding in drawing up a plan, and assisting for its execution and measurement.

FutureQuest works on a bespoke basis.  As every transformational journey is unique, we don’t work with pre-defined approaches, practices or programs. We start by understanding your current business environment and vision for the future, and then propose a tailor-made program that really meets your concerns and expectations. We work with any type of company, large to small, listed to privately held, in any activity sector, and for any transformational opportunity or requirement.