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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a practical methodology to creative design / innovative strategies to solve concrete problems/issues/market needs.

Design Thinking is part of a multi-disciplinary innovation process through organizations.
It can be plugged into JiTM’s FutureQuest journey or deployed on a stand-alone basis within a single organization or through a multi-company co-creation exercise.
It unfolds into three main phases:

  • Immersion : A combination of desk research, user research and key stakeholder interviews to set the context and the purpose of the Design Thinking objectives
  • Workshop : A two+-day high-energy, collaborative, interactive and hands-on session aimed at making the ideas being generated tangible enough to be evaluated by real users, and with enough business focus & clarity for them to be pitched to corporate and, potentially, financial investors. This output will be documented and synthesized before proceeding to the last phase.
  • Project design , providing a definition of its scope, expected outcomes, required participants and funding, project plans, as well as a preliminary draft mock-up to make it as concrete and tangible as possible.

The outcome of the Design Thinking process is a Go/No Go proceeding to the next level: building a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that is a representation of the generated ideas to match the prototype with the concrete problems/issues/market needs that were defined.

New technologies are often very central to the design process, operating under the motto

Think Test fail Learn

meaning that failure acceptance should be part of the organization’s culture.