Thierry Janssen – Resume

Name : Thierry Janssen (60)
Position : Associate & Managing Partner Just in Time Management (JiTM)
Sector experience : B2B with broader experience in technology products & services.
Innovative business models, design and deployment to address
profitable development opportunities facing New Market Realities
to create Stakeholder value.
Qualifications : Master in economics (ICHEC 1979)
SMB Director (Solvay Entrepreneurs 2006)
Board Effectiveness (Guberna 2010)
Executive Master in Digital Marketing (Solvay 2016)
Contact details : Tel +32 478 98 33 61

Experience level

22 years with IT companies in both a B2B model (19 years) and a B2C model (3 years).

General management (full P&L responsibility – 14 years)
Sales management (margin responsibility – 3 years)
direct and indirect business development (revenue responsibility – 5 years)

10 years of interim general management leading strategic transformation processes

6 years of advice and management support to CEO, Executive Committees and Board of
Directors with focus to leverage New Market Realties to create Stakeholder value

  • All4it
  • Aremis
  • Bia
  • Connex Group
  • CSC
  • DB Partners
  • D’Ieteren auto
  • Orange
  • SPIE
  • SDWorks
  • Eura Nova
  • Libramont
  • Mockel
  • Teconex
  • Wolters Kluwer



Understanding how the actual car distributorship is at risk, based on new disruptive initiatives. How will the existing business model be impacted (revenue, margin, HR, ….)?

In action

Fully structured 7-steps Future Quest execution

Benefits for clients
  • Common vision about future risks & opportunities from ExCo and BoD in order to diversify activities around mobility and fixing a
  • Setup of D’Ieteren Mobility in a start-up mode to grab new opportunities and generate new types of revenue

  • A startup that grew by inspiration
  • 4 years of 25% compound revenue growth with no EBIT improvement
  • The desire from the new shareholder to evolve from ‘instinctive’ to ‘structured’ management
In action
  • Screening the operating model (purchase, logistic, retail sales, e-shop, finance, quality)
  • Reviewing all business processes and evaluating their contribution to value creation towards the customers
Benefits for clients
  • Revised operating model
  • Business KPI’s for each business operator
  • Path to go from the ‘As Is’ to the ‘To Be’ environment
  • New Roles & Responsibilities of key performers
  • Required competences in the To Be model
  • Communication and motivation plan to staff


Defining a 10-year vision, ‘the way ahead’

In action

Leading Strategic Committee (Board & ExCo) to think about future strategic directions

Benefits for clients

A path to define new strategic initiatives to be worked out

  • New generation of management as founder takes Board chairman-only position
  • Flat revenue for 3 years
  • Severe EBIT decrease over the last 3 years
In action
  • Coaching of CEO at all levels (sales, marketing, reporting, HR matters, investment procedures, costing model, …)
  • Implementing structural tools & methods about sales, HR, finance, industrial investment, governance to support management
  • Clarifying governance responsibilities (Executive and Board)
Benefits for clients
  • Clear view about the company’s strategic horizon
  • Strong revenue development with less dependencies from #1 customer
  • Strong EBIT improvement


Lack of sales growth in the Publishing BU’s

In action

Reviewing the Go2Market of the 4 Publishing BU’s (80 m€ revenue) in order to develop alternative sales sourcing (resellers, e-shop, telesales) next to existing direct sales, through a 7-step process

Benefits for clients
  • 13 ‘quick win’ actions
  • Structural broader Go2Market to work-our unexplored market opportunities
  • A dedicated strategy for HVP (High Value Products) and HVS (High Value Solutions)


Increasing Top line performance (revenue & net margin) on top of budget and business as usual to meet the 2020 Group’s financial objectives

In action

Conducting a structured 4-step process with the operational teams over a period of 3 months

Benefits for clients

A clear view (what, who, how, when) to achieve in the short term a significant margin improvement

Other credentials


  • Econocom – Director (1998-2001)
  • Realdolmen – Director (2005-2017)
    / Chairman of the Board (2012-2017) / Chairman of the NRC / Member of the AC
  • Libramont – Director (2014-2017)
  • DFakto – Chairman of the Board (2016-2017)
  • IPG – Director (2010-2013)
  • Business com – Chairman of the Board (2007-2010)
  • MediaXim – Chairman of the Board (2010-2012)
  • CO.Station – Founder & Chairman of the Board (2014-2015)

Non-business matters

  • Guberna – Mentor
  • Corporate IT Awards 2017 – Member of the jury
  • Cercle de Lorraine – Co-founder of the SIDE2SIDE program (2016)
    / Co-founder of the Youth mentorship program (2017)
  • UCL – Lecturer in change management (2011-2014)