Alec Maréchal – Resume

Name : Alec Maréchal (66)
Position : Associate Partner Just in Time Management (JiTM)
Key assets : Assisting head of middle size companies.
50 assignments over 20 years in almost 50 different sectors.
Strategic marketing in New Market Realities environment.
Collective Intelligence & Responsible Management.
Board member & Chairman
Qualifications : Master in Applied Economic Sciences at the « Institut d’Administration et de Gestion » (Louvain School of Management 1976).
Contact details : Tel +32 475 89 25 31

Experience level

12 years’ experience as manager of international companies and general manager of national companies.

3 years’ experience as independent interim manager in strategical assignments

30 years’ experience as an independent consultant. More than 50 assignments in various economic sectors mainly in middle size companies. Roles have included advising CEOs, general management, executive committees, board of directors and shareholders. Which includes:



First independent hotel chain in Belgium « Château du Lac », the first 5 star hotel in Wallonia and Grand Hotel de Waterloo, 4 star hotel, were successful business and seminar hotels during the week but almost empty during holidays and weekends.

In action
  • Analyzing different strategies in order to attract leisure clients during low occupation periods.
  • 12 golf clubs are located within a radius of 20 km from the hotels. This provides a golfer with a unique opportunity to play several different courses in a weekend without long periods of travel.
  • Gathering the 12 golf clubs in a golf pass in exclusivity with Martin’s Hotels. Promotion campaign toward golf tour operators.
Benefits for clients
  • In a few years, more than 50.000 hotel nights booked by golfers from
    Netherlands and England in Martin’s hotels during non-seminar and business
  • Contracts and allotments with tour operators
  • New brand image for the hotels
  • High profile clients with expenses potential

  • Plexiglass wholesaler and transformer for displays and showroom.
  • The 65 years old owner was keen to retire but didn’t know how to sell the company.
  • The figures didn’t demonstrate sufficient profitability to envisage a good return from the sale.
  • The owner had not paid attention to the written processes ; the business was not growing and no business development or marketing actions were planned. The company was running without CRM. The delegation was weak.
In action
  • For 3 years, complete turnaround program in order to restructure the company. Coaching of the owner.
  • Marketing actions, business development and CRM were put in place. Turnover was growing. The company showed growing ebitda from year to year. The process of searching potential buyers started during the third year. Just in Time Management became the seller intermediary.
Benefits for clients
  • The company was sold at the price the owner had in mind.
  • In order to reach that price, Just in Time Management contacted a lot of companies, as well as distributors and suppliers of Artiplex.

  • Company specialized in the data collection and management of clinical trial for pharma & biotech.
  • 10 years of operation. Turnover was flat for years. Management was discouraged.
  • Shareholders are board members and also managers. Financial problems occurred.
In action
  • A strategic seminar was organized in order to understand why the company was not operating successfully.
  • The CEO should return to his previous position and concentrate on R&D and production management.
  • New Market Realities in the clinical trial sector is the data collection through mobile devices directly monitored by the patient. The platform used by the company was not user-friendly enough for the use by the patients.
  • A PHD CEO was recruited.
  • Alec Maréchal became independent board member and Chairman of the board.
  • A new platform was developed in line with the new requirements of the pharma and biotech market.
  • Data management and biostatistics were added to the portfolio of the services of the company.
  • A market survey was conducted in order to define a new target-market strategy.
Benefits for clients
  • Growth in turnover and ebitda.
  • New CEO driving the company in a new direction.
  • A local public invest company is analyzing the possibility to enter the capital.
  • A big international player in the data management of clinical trial has contracted Lambda Plus for 20 clinical trials on 5 years.
  • The company is looking for collaboration abroad.

Other credentials


  • Board member international real estate developer;
    43 companies in 5 countries (2012-2015)
  • Chairman of the Board, international real estate developer;
    43 companies in 5 countries (2016-2018)
  • Chairman of the Board, company specialized in data management of
    clinical trials (2013- )
  • Coach for a company specialized in producing concrete structures for
    the construction sector in order to set up a board of directors (2013-2014)
  • Coach for a company specialized in automation in order to set up its governance (2017- )
  • Managing Director of a nonprofit organization (2017-2018)

Other businesses

  • Associate « Gateway to African Business »
  • Associate « Hermes International Negotiation Team »

Other credentials

  • Leader/facilitator of the « APM » club Cercle de Wallonie Namur (2011-2014)
  • Certified consultant of the Walloon Region in management, strategy, M&A (1996- )
  • Member of « Board Coaching To Excellence » (2016- )